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Private Cloud Sales provides a ready to go complete, self contained, data center.
Models range from 24U on a self powered chassis with 10 mile range
to pallet jack mobile 42U of equipment with 80KW of cooling capacity
System arrives fully configured for Private Cloud and ready for use.

Private Cloud Sales is a new concept in data center deployment. Our goal is to allow startup businesses to begin using industry leading hardware and solutions to assist with quick and scalable growth without the huge overhead of building a data center to house the equipment. Our solution is a self contained data center, pre-configured in a complete standardized end-to-end Private cloud capable configuration. Virtualization is installed and configured with reference virtual machines already loaded and available for deployment. Our service partners can assist you with virtualizing any existing resources and loading it on your new data center. Our lease with option to buy concept gets you up and running for a fraction of what you would expect to pay. And our solution is scalable enough to allow for future business growth within the same cabinet. We have designed the package to be easy to support with live hot spares included so most failures will actually be brief system performance degradation while a spare is remotely brought online.

Data Center on Wheels

New Product: "Business in a Box"

"Business in a Box" contains everything you need to bring your business on line. This is especially important following a flood or fire when a self contained data center can have you operational immediately. These System can be built on our NEMA4 Chassis for operation outside with no shelter required. This is the same Chassis used by AOL that have weathered the eastern US hurricanes with no operational losses
"Business in a box" expands our standard solutions to contain all major electronics your business needs
- Data center
- Phone systems (VoIP)
- POS systems
- Networking
- Video Security.
Pre configured and ready to go. Our consultants can even virtualize your desktops and bring you up to full current technology
One stop shopping to get your business in operation and ready to go.

Pre configured and ready to go. We can even virtualize your desktops and bring you up to full current technology One stop shopping to get your business in operation and ready to go. Special pricing available for businesses impacted by natural disasters.

Business in Box

Special pricing available for businesses impacted by natural disasters.
Give us a call today at 425-837-9906 and let us get you back online.

Call us, 425-837-9906, or click request Information below, to see our system live.

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A true portable data center. Self propelled and ready for deliver where you want it. Click play on video below to see the full story

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Schedule a visit to see the system up close, by contacting us either through the information button or at the links at the base of this page. We have larger modular data centers that we will be deploying and demonstrating in the future, so if this is not big enough to handle your needs, please tell us what your needs are, and we can build it for you. Our leases with option to buy makes it easy for you to get what you need today, and plan for the CapEx cost down the road.

Equipment leased from MaxPower Corporation and Elliptical Data Solutions allows Private Cloud Sales to provide your business with a mini modular data center. We can provide you with an immediate solution to data center backup needs. With our mini modular data center we don't just backup the data, we backup the ENTIRE DATA CENTER OPERATION. We will provide you with a complete, standalone, redundant on-line data center. This allows you to be protected from web site and data access availability outages. Leasing our mini modular data center while your company does maintenance and upgrades to your equipment room infrastructure may be a simple solution for many businesses considering modernizing their data centers. Since the equipment and data remains on your site, and under your control, there is less concern regarding being hacked or the loss of control of your data that would be a concern if you used public cloud services.

Data Center Work Flow

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So how can all of this save you money and Space?

145KW floor space comparison

145KW Data center size comparison

60KW data center size comparison

60KW Data Center size comparison

R A S E R Cost savings White Paper

Featured in August 2012 CRN emerging vendors list.

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